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A hare carved in stone, and the scent of flowers in a house full of echoes – can Freya’s inheritance help her to leave the past behind ?

Story Outline

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‘Had I gone completely crazy that first day? To open the door, take one astonished look round, and decide on the spot that I would live there? To fall in love with a house?’

When Freya Gibson inherits an old, run-down property she has no idea she is the last in a long line of redoubtable women, including the Tudor nun who built the house. Unknown to Freya, these women, over centuries, fought with whatever weapons came to hand – deception, endurance, even murder – to preserve their home and family.

Freya falls in love with the house, but her inheritance includes an enigmatic letter telling her to ‘restore the balance’ of the Lady’s Well. Besides this, the house seems to be haunted by the scent of flowers. In the past, the Lady’s Well was a place of healing, and Freya soon feels safe and at home, but she has demons of her own to conquer before she can accept the happiness that beckons.

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Latest reviews of The House at Ladywell.

… the mystery filled me with excitement

The fact that I read the second half in one day says a lot for this novel. It has just the right blend of history, romance and mystery. The history was fascinating and I enjoyed knowing more than Freya, although over time she might be able to piece some of it together. The romance was satisfying and the mystery filled me with excitement.

Reviewer: Miriam Drori &mdashon

… a gentle romance which leaves the reader with a warm glow …

A real feel-good romantic story about a house and its history. Nicola Slade writes characters you instantly warm to and her love of old houses is evident. I liked the use of elements of local history to provide background to the story of the house, lending it a real sense of place and solidity: it feels as though one could go and look for an actual house - the influence of Elizabeth Goudge can be felt strongly in Slade's writing about both house and nature.

I feel that this is a novel which grew quite naturally from an earlier one, A Crowded Coffin — that was one of the Harriet Quigley murder mysteries, and a fun read, but the main characters, Harriet and Sam, were positively upstaged by the house which featured so strongly — the author was obviously itching to write a novel in which the house is the star, and she's done it beautifully, with a gentle romance which leaves the reader with a warm glow.

Reviewer: GeraniumCat — 5* at

A Delightful Pot-Pourri of History, Mystery and Romance

I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of this novel because I could tell immediately that it is 'my kind' of novel. I love both historical and romantic fiction so when both are combined, I am guaranteed a page-turning novel. When Freya, inherits an old house. she is unsure what she will find. The more Freya learns about the house through meeting the neighbours as well as from enigmatic notes left by its previous owner, the more she also learns about her own past. Interspersed with Freya's story are the accounts of the people in the past to whom Ladywell was more than four walls and a garden. I particularly loved the way sections set in the past, about the previous inhabitants of the house shows readers about aspects of the house's mysteries so that we are "ahead' of the Freya in discovering the reasons for its idiosyncrasies. If I have any criticisms, it is that I don't much like reading italic text for more than a few lines. I find it hard on my eyes. But that's just me. It did not detract from the wealth of engaging characters, whether they be historical or contemporary.

This is the perfect novel to curl up and read with a glass of mulled wine and a cat on your lap during those dark winter months when we can only imagine the scent of fresh flowers. And if you wonder what on earth I'm talking about, you'll have to read the book!

Reviewer: Sally Zigmond on 19 October 2017 at

Lovely mix of history and modern day

It’s not often I get totally engrossed in a book but I couldn’t put this one down.

Reviewer: J S.on 8 October 2017 at

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