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Cover Picture of The Convalescent Corpse A story of Family, Rationing and Inconvenient Corpses.

Life in 1918 has brought loss and grief and hardship to the three Fyttleton sisters. Helped only by their grandmother (a failed society belle and expert poacher) and hindered by a difficult suffragette mother, as well as an unruly chicken-stealing dog and a house full of paying-guests, they now have to deal with the worrying news that their late – and unlamented – father may not be dead after all. And on top of that, there’s a body in the ha-ha.

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… Sheer reading pleasure

"SUPERB: Quite simply the best book I have read this year - and I read a lot. The personalities of the three girls leap off the page, all very different types but all so realistic. I am rather cynical when a review tells me I will laugh/cry etc by events in a given book, but yes with this book I did find myself giggling - at Addy coming home covered in blood (an unfortunate fall into a tray of liver at the local butchers) while the descriptions of the patients at the convalescent home brought me close to tears. Sheer reading pleasure. "

Reviewer: "Toni" on Amazon UK

A tender mix of tragedy and humour

Nicola Slade's latest novel is set towards the end of 1918 in which the horror of war is very much in evidence. However, this is not a depressing novel because the author knows exactly when to make her readers laugh uproariously as well as cry. (And you will do both, I guarantee. ) In The Convalescent Corpse, we meet the three Fyttleton Sisters , daughters of a criminally-minded father (deceased - allegedly) and a suffragette mother who is of no use whatsoever. Their great supporter is their grandmother, an ex-debutante and expert poacher. I could introduce each daughter in detail but that would spoil the fun particularly because the author does it so much better. Living close to a convalescent home for wounded servicemen in the delightful Hampshire town of Ramally, (based on Romsey) they decide to use the house they own adjoining theirs as a guest house for the men's loved ones.

When one of the men in the home dies unexpectedly, the sisters find themselves with a murder to solve and then another. The plot thickens! Full of eccentric characters but with a leavening of the difficulties of life on the home-front, this is another winner.

Reviewer: Sally Zigmond on Amazon UK

Another delight from Nicola Slade

Nicola Slade does it again. A most enjoyable read; a "cosy mystery" set in the closing years of the First World War, starring three sisters from a highly dysfunctional family, who nevertheless manage to cope with life, death and heartbreak in their own unique way. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Mrs Redboots on Amazon UK

Excellent characters and setting

Well, what a treat this book was. The WW1 setting was very believable, the narrator Christy has a fabulous voice and I loved her whole bonkers, eccentric family. Having a mystery to solve too was the icing on the cake!

Reviewer: J. Jones on Amazon UK

A lot of research has gone into the history of this time period in the UK

As usual for Nicola the story line has you hooked and the characters are all interesting and/or eccentric. I really enjoy the historical background knowing that it has been well researched. The story lines are fictional of course, but all the scenarios are possible and may well have happened which makes it an engrossing read. Very much enjoyed.

Reviewer: Amazon Customer on Amazon UK

Enjoyable Read

I'm enjoying what I've read so far. An interesting mystery and I like the setting.

Reviewer: Capnsharp on Amazon UK

Enjoyable mystery

Having read several of Nicola's books, I knew that this one would be worth taking on holiday. Unfortunately I found it very difficult to put down - I always wanted to read 'just one more page'. I loved it and think it really is her best book so far.

Reviewer: Chris S on Amazon UK

Great read

Loved this novel. Gentle humour and a realistic portrayal of family life. Great twists too. Hope there is a sequel.

Reviewer: K. Waldram on Amazon UK

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