My latest book, The Convalescent Corpse

The Convalescent Corpse — the story in brief

A story of Family, Rationing and Inconvenient Corpses.

Life in 1918 has brought loss and grief and hardship to the three Fyttleton sisters. Helped only by their grandmother (a failed society belle and expert poacher) and hindered by a difficult suffragette mother, as well as an unruly chicken-stealing dog and a house full of paying-guests, they now have to deal with the worrying news that their late – and unlamented – father may not be dead after all. And on top of that, there’s a body in the ha-ha.

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My earlier books…

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The House at Ladywell — the story in brief

The House at Ladywell cover ‘Had I gone completely crazy that first day? To open the door, take one astonished look round, and decide on the spot that I would live there? To fall in love with a house?’
When Freya Gibson inherits an old, run-down property she has no idea she is the last in a long line of redoubtable women, including the Tudor nun who built the house. Unknown to Freya, these women, over centuries, fought with whatever weapons came to hand – deception, endurance, even murder – to preserve their home and family.

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My historical mystery series: Charlotte Richmond Mysteries

Murder Most Welcome — the story in brief

Murder Most Welcome cover The first book of the series.
Outwardly a grieving young Victorian widow, Charlotte Richmond is concealing some scandalous secrets when she arrives at Finchbourne Manor to start a respectable new life with her husband’s family.

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Charlotte Richmond Mysteries

Death is the Cure — the story in brief

Death is the Cure cover The second book of the series.
In this book Charlotte, a resourceful young widow who was brought up in Australia but now lives in Hampshire, goes off to Bath where she is soon up to her ears in mayhem and murder.

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Charlotte Richmond Mysteries

The Dead Queen’s Garden — the story in brief

The Dead Queen’s Garden cover The third book in my Victorian series.
In this book Charlotte Richmond, a resourceful young widow who keeps stumbling over corpses, sets about finding out whodunit and why! This one has a suitably festive flavour but surely the festive season can’t present the same hazard? Oh yes it can…

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My contemporary mystery series: featuring former headmistress, Harriet Quigley

Murder Fortissimo — the story in brief

Murder Fortissimo cover This is the first in my contemporary mystery series: this series features recently-retired headmistress, Harriet Quigley and her clergyman cousin, Canon Sam Hathaway.
In this novel Harriet needs a good rest and somewhere comfortable to recover from a hospital stay, she believes Firstone Grange will be the ideal place. Upmarket and luxurious, (expensive, of course), but perfectly run by a competent and understanding Matron, Firstone Grange seems wonderful but there’s a serpent in this Paradise and Harriet soon realizes that some of the residents are very frightened.

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My contemporary mystery series

A Crowded Coffin — the story in brief

A Crowded Coffin cover The second book of the series.
It’s late summer in Hampshire and former headmistress, Harriet Quigley, is enjoying life. Her cousin Sam is moving next-door and the only cloud on the horizon is village gossip about a man who disappeared months earlier, along with a more recent near-fatal accident.
Suddenly it’s all going pear-shaped — and sensible, practical Harriet has only herself to blame. Sam has warned her not to play at being Miss Marple but despite her cousin’s strictures Harriet is suspicious about several newcomers and she’s been asking discreet questions. There’s an enigmatic artist; a good-looking vicar; a handsome Texan; a millionaire orchid-fancier; and Elvis the plumber.

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My contemporary mystery series

The Art of Murder — the story in brief

The Art of Murder
A weekend art course at an upmarket B&B near Winchester’s historic cathedral is bound to be relaxing and fun … But not when Linzi Bray, Chairman of the local art group, is in charge and the house is full of people who loathe her.
Accidents start to happen – in a ruined castle, in a fast-flowing river, in a peaceful garden. There’s a stalker – or is there?
And there are far too many dead insects, as well as a vandalised Porsche and a pond full of blood.

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My first novel:

Scuba Dancing — the story in brief

Scuba Dancing cover ‘It was late summer when the angel first manifested himself to Ursula Buchanan in the village shop, just along the aisle from the bacon slicing machine … ‘Go on,’ he urged, pointing a glowing golden finger at the notice. ‘Join the group, Ursula, it’ll change your life.’

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