Introducing my new blog

The publication of Murder Fortissimo by Harlequin has prompted me to start a blog. The idea is to reach out to a wider readership, hopefully some in North America and other parts of the world, and to offer a taste of what it’s like living just outside Winchester, the ancient capital of England, hence the blog title: “Nicola Slade’s Winchester Mysteries”. The sub-heading is “Histories & Mysteries” which gives me lots of scope for blog–posts! I do hope you’ll join me at my blog.

Latest posts from my Wordpress blog:

A Free Book but sadly, no Easter egg!

Entry posted on 10th April 2020

To be honest, I’d like both – a free book and an Easter egg – but sadly the egg will have to wait until lockdown ends. Unless the Easter Bunny sneaks in through the back gate. However, I can manage … read more

The Hares of Ladywell

Entry posted on 28th March 2020

My last blog post was entitled: Licet esse beatis – It is permitted to be joyful. Well, I think we all know that joy is in considerable demand at the moment, so this post tells how the hares came to … read more

“It is permitted to be joyful”

Entry posted on 24th November 2019

Licet esse beatis – It is permitted to be joyful I came across this motto recently – it’s from of one of those ancient families who’ve turned their white elephant of a stately home into a self-supporting asset. It seems … read more

Christmas already?

Entry posted on 2nd November 2019

My tenth book (Wow! that’s TENTH!) Christmas at Ladywell is published on Monday, 4th November as a digital-only e-book. As I wrote it partly in response to lots of ‘what happened next’ comments from readers, I really hope people enjoy … read more

‘Chasing Angels’ by Sally Zigmond

Entry posted on 6th September 2019

I like mountains and always feel healthier when I’m in the Alps but I have to admit that one mountain seems much like another to me. We took the train to the summit of the Jungfrau in 2006 and felt … read more